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Faster, Higher and Stronger for Longer with Collagen Athlete

Specific Type I, II & III Marine Collagen for Athlete focusing on Ligaments, Tendons, Joint Cartilage, Connective Tissue, Bones & Muscles to Rebuild, Repair, Restore & Regenerate.



Collagen Athlete specific bioactive collagen peptide designed to support strong ligaments and tendons developed from research conducted with athletes and sports people.



Collagen Athlete has been shown to improve the strength and flexibility of ligaments and tendons, a benefit that is crucial for long-term wellness and physical activity.



Tendons and ligaments transform muscle contraction into movement, and the healthy collagen fibres in these tissues are what gives them the right elasticity, optimal strength and flexibility, so that the body can optimally perform and stay injury-free.



Injuries of tendons and ligaments are characterised by collagen fibre degeneration and are very common across all levels of sport. Soft tissue injuries of this type are often slow to recover and can significantly disrupt training, ultimately taking people out of play, with significant consequences to either the athlete or the exercise enthusiast.



Collagen Athlete can play a unique role in helping athletes and active people to gain and maintain indirect improvements to performance. These benefits are accrued from outcomes such as allowing more effective training, better recovery, optimised body composition, and reduced risk of injuries.

Muscles do not exist on their own. The whole musculoskeletal system is protected and connected by a network of connective tissue that includes tendons, ligaments, cartilage and fascia, crucial in sports to transform muscle work into efficient movement. Collagen Athlete target the protein turnover and renewal of the connective tissue proteins, of which collagen is the main structural component, making up about 30% of our total body protein.



  • Collagen Athlete designed to increase the strength and flexibility of ligaments and tendons, helping to stabilize the musculoskeletal system and decrease the incidence of injuries.
  • Collagen Athlete bioactive component proven to stimulate joint cartilage regeneration.
  • Collagen Athlete contributes to bone health by promoting the biosynthesis of the extracellular bone matrix.
  • Collagen Athlete contributes to body toning as it helps to increase muscle mass, to decrease body fat and to increase strength.



The Science Behind

Collagen Athlete – These highly specialized collagen peptides have been shown to decrease fat mass, increase lean body mass and to provide more muscle strength in combination with resistance training.



Collagen Athlete has positive effects on two main components of the human body: lean body mass and fat mass. Lean body mass, also called fat free mass, comprises mainly muscle mass but also bone mass, connective tissue and body water.



Muscles are essential for physical activity, stability and posture, they enable blood circulation and help during the digestion of food. A loss of muscle mass over the course of life time means a loss of mobility, which is followed by a loss of independence and a loss of quality of life. In summary, the studies confirm that the intake of Collagen Athlete results in improvement of mobility in healthy individuals.


The BODY PROTEIN mechanism

The mechanism of Collagen Athlete current data suggest, that the mode of action is based on the multifactorial impact of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® on various metabolic processes and the overall functional unit of muscle: e.g. muscle and fat metabolism.



Recent investigations revealed, Collagen Athlete significantly stimulates the mTOR pathway. Availability and activity of this key protein are essential for the protein metabolism. The protein metabolism ensures the balance between protein synthesis and protein degradation. More synthesis than breakdown indicates an anabolic state that builds lean tissues, higher breakdown than synthesis indicates a catabolic state that decreases lean tissues.



Moreover, Collagen Athlete influences the fat metabolism. A sufficient energy supply is mandatory for the proliferation of muscle cells and the synthesis of new muscle tissue. The AMPK enzyme is responsible for the energy transfer in the muscle cells. The stimulation of AMPK leads to an increase in fatty acid metabolism, which provides more energy for the cells and results in a reduction of fat mass. Due to its specific amino acid composition and its excellent bioavailability Collagen Athlete stimulates fat and muscle metabolisms, finally leading to an improved body composition.


Studies confirm the efficacy of Collagen Athlete

Several randomized, placebo-controlled, double blinded studies have demonstrated the efficacy and potential of the daily intake of 15 g Collagen Athlete in combination with resistance training.

In the latest studies 2,3, the effect of post-exercise supplementation on lean body mass, fat mass and muscle strength in combination with resistance training was tested. 114 healthy, physically inactive men, aged 35-60 participated. The primary outcome was to compare 15 g Collagen Athlete supplementation with placebo. Changes in body composition were measured by DXA scans. DXA represents the “Gold Standard” in body composition measurement. Total body scans using DXA give a precise measurement of body composition, including bone mass, lean body mass and fat mass.



In addition, muscle strength, waist circumference and various blood parameters were determined. The results of the primary endpoint of the study revealed a statistically significant (p<0.05) increase in lean body mass after Collagen Athlete supplementation compared to placebo (fig 1).

Lean Body Mass


The positive effect was also reflected in the results of the secondary study criteria. Collagen Athlete treatment led to an improved muscle strength, a reduction of waist circumference and a statistically significant fat mass reduction (p<0.05), after collagen peptide intake (fig 2, 3, 4).

Muscle Strength


Fat Mass


Waist Circumference

2 Zdzieblik, D. et al Collagen peptide supplementation in combination with resistance training improves body composition and increases muscle strength in elderly sarcopenic men: a randomized controlled trial, doi: 10.1017/80007114515002810, British Journal of Nutrition, 2015

3 Unpublished data 2015 , publication pending


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